Certified Organic Raw Cocoa Butter - DEODORIZED Wafer Chips

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Certified Organic Raw Cocoa Butter - Deodorized Wafer Chips

  • 16 oz Bag Cocoa Butter Wafer Chips (Deodorized)

  • The finest Premium Unrefined & Deodorized Raw Cocoa Butter. 

  • Imported from the farms of Peru. 

  • Slight chocolate aroma.  The finest you will find - GUARANTEED! 

  • Cocoa Butter Wafer Chips ( Deodorized) are are approximately just larger than a quarter in diameter and slightly thicker. 

  • WAFER CHIPS: Easy to use and measure chips.

  • They are a little larger than a quarter and slightly thicker. 

  • Use in Bath water; hold in hand to rub on body and skin; use a few at a time as an ingredient.

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