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My name is Jana Cobb and I (along with help from my husband Gerald Cobb) am the owner and founder of Perfect Body Harmony™.  We are located in wonderful Austin, Texas. We first conceived of our brand name "Perfect Body Harmony™ " in 2010 and we began selling our botanical & organic ingredient based skin care items online in 2013.  Our Perfect Body Harmony™ brand business is a division of our corporation Green Footprint Solutions, Inc..  We plan to have other organic related businesses underneath the Green Footprint Solutions, Inc. umbrella in the future.  

Over the last ten years or so we have developed a keen interest in learning about what affects our health and that of our children. One category at a time we researched and learned about ingredients and how to avoid and eliminate the toxins from our environment and bodies.  We've learned much, leading us to strongly believe in using Filtered & Clean Water, Organic & Non GMO Food, and Toxin Free Skin & Personal Care products.

All of this research and learning combined with an entrepreneurial desire to build our own business convinced us that since we had developed such a passion for a toxin free lifestyle then we should find a way to spend all of of working time helping others avoid toxins as well. This is what led us to developing our own botanical & organic ingredient based skin care line.

We source the finest ingredients available from both here in the U.S.A. and from around the world.  Our Certified Organic Shea Butter is imported from Ghana in Western Africa and our Certified Organic Cocoa Butter is imported from Peru, while our bentonite clay sourced from a mine in Wyoming!  

Regardless of where each of our ingredients originate, we are proud to say that all production and final packaging occurs right here in the good ole' U.S.A.

One thing we are working on improving is our presence on social media so any sharing of our product links and this website is certainly appreciated! You can find our social media links at the bottom of this website.

While we have a large number of product reviews and seller feedback on   We have recently added a "Product Review & Feedback" section to each item on our website as we love hearing from our customers about how they use our products, etc.  

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~ Jana & Gerald Cobb, Founders  -  Perfect Body Harmony™  -  Austin, Texas - U.S.A.