Top 3 Overlooked Safety Considerations for When You Buy Shea Nut and Cocoa Butters Online!

Perfect Body Harmony™ cares about our customers and your safety so we decided to publish our top three (3) safety tips to use when buying shea nut and cocoa body butters online!

From Perfect Body Harmony's "Top 3 Overlooked Safety Considerations for When You Buy Shea Nut and Cocoa Butters Online!"

1. Since shea nut butter is made in Africa and cocoa butter is made in Africa and South America it is important to make sure the product itself is safe.

One easy way to do this is to only buy certified organic shea butter.

Certified organic means there is documentation from the original source all the way through the packaging process proving that the product is really organic. But how do you know?

There are some easy tricks for weeding out the unscrupulous sellers and brands and once you know how you can do it with hardly any effort at all.

  • Remember that the word "organic" can be placed on skin care products in most states without any proof. That is a scary thought isn't it?!!
  • The only way to know for sure that you are getting real authentic organic shea or cocoa butter is if it is "certified organic."
  • Be aware that some nefarious sellers illegitimately use the term "certified organic" and sometimes even counterfeit the green and white USDA Logo label.
  • One way to tell is that legitimately certified labels have the name of the certifying agency appearing just after the company information on the label. This is part of the requirements of the USDA NOP (National Organic Program) so if that is missing then it is likely not legitimate.

2. Buy your shea nut butter or cocoa butter from a legitimate source that utilizes an FDA registered facility in the USA to package the shea butter. 

  • Many sellers online do not mention in what kind of facility their product is being processed and package in for final sale. But how do you know?
  • If the seller is using an FDA registered facility they will usually mention it on their label or on their product listing details.
  • Perfect Body Harmony™ uses an FDA registered food processing plant in the USA to process their shea butter once it is imported.

3. Is the seller or brand you are buying following basic FDA guidelines for labeling?

What information should be included and where?

  • The manufacturer's name and contact information should be listed. This could be an address, phone number, email, or website (with contact information found there).
  • Many of the labels online are shown with their listings and you can tell without buying that no contact information is shown. This is a definite "red flag."
  • Another labeling issue commonly found is that many of the shea nut and cocoa butters sold are short weighted
When we selected our first organic shea nut butter jar we wanted to sell a 16.0 oz jar to match what other brands were offering. However, when we tried to fit the sixteen (16) ounces of shea butter into the standard 16.0 ounce jar it would not fit without spilling over. So we ordered jars from some of the other brands selling online and found that their "16.0 oz jars" really only contained 14.5 ounces of product. That is why we use 19.0 ounce jar and our label says 17.5 ounces because that is how much really fits.

4. There are also other super important considerations for selecting the perfect organic shea nut [and cocoa] butters such as whether the butter is super filtered, smooth and not grainy.

Perfect Body Harmony™ has a secret process that makes our shea butter silky smooth but that secret cannot be revealed!!!